Two posts in a week!

proud of myself

I understand this is not cause for celebration for many of you prodigious superheros who have been consistently publishing 15-50 posts per month for years. However, I’m as excited as a toddler who just potty trained herself. “Look what I did!”

Top 8 emotions you have before returning to blogging

8. Social Anxiety: Do you think anyone remembers me?

7. Trepidation: What if I forget how to blog good?

6. Meditative: Wait, did I ever know how to blog good? 

5. Denial: Do I have to sign up for Twitter this time

4. Philosophical: If a post goes out into the internet, and nobody is there to read it, does it make an echo? 

3. Totally Energized: Ok, I’m doin’ it! Here we go… What should I write about?

2. Writers Block: [Stares at blank screen, blinks twice, gets a snack]

1. Apprehensive Satisfaction: I just wrote a post that used the word “snausages” and then, against my better judgement, hit Publish.

And that’s how that happens.

If you’ve been out of the blogging game for a while and you’re thinking of coming back (or you’re starting up for the first time) all you have to do is hit Publish. 😀

Have you ever taken a blog break? How long were you away?

How was it when you came back?



Ok so, I first saw this survey on the blog of the amazing and indefatigable Work In Sweats Mama, herself, Nicole. And then I started seeing it everywhere!  So, I had to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s being hosted by Writing, Wishing and Miss Elaineous Life. So let’s get to it, shall we?

5 Things I’m Passionate About

1. Writing

2. Healthy living/Bar Method

3. Family


4. Laughing

5. Candy Crush (I wish I was kidding)


5 things I’d Like To Do Before I Die

Here’s where you learn a little about my inner crazy- (actually this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface)- I am very superstitious that if I fill this out and I die before I get to do the things on this list that I’ll be trapped in limbo like one of those ghosts with all their “unfinished business” that roam the earth scaring ghost hunters on the Travel Channel. So for that reason I’d rather not fill this out.



5 Things I Say A Lot

1. “Grande non-fat blonde misto please”

2. “Is this funny or inappropriate?”

3. “Sorry I can’t stop laughing” – usually at the inappropriate stuff nobody else finds funny

4. “Remind me to tell you something later”

5. “Umm good question… I’ll have to ask my mom”


5 Books I’ve Read Lately

1. The Fran Lebowitz Reader -Fran Lebowitz

fran leboitz reader

2. Forever Erma – Erma Bombeck

3. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

4. HTML & CSS- Jon Duckett

5. Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland -Amanda Mackenzie Stewart


5 Favorite Movies

1. Tommy Boy

Also from Tommy Boy

2. Bridesmaids


3. Clueless

clueless gum

4. Troop Beverly Hills

troop bev hills

5. Under The Tuscan Sun



5 Places I’d Love To Travel To

1. Napa

2. India

3. Bora Bora

4. Australia (2013’s worlds happiest country)

5. Kenya on safari

Pick a category and tell me about you! Or what I’d really like to know is what are you reading lately? I have a couple books in the queue, but I need more! Also fill this out yourself- take the logo image and link up!

Happy Monday all!!

How was your 4th? Or if you aren’t from the US, how was your weekend?

I’ve been off from work since last Tuesday! I haven’t had that much time off in, well, it’s been a while. Christmas? Something like that.

hugh grant dancing

Anyways I’ll get more into my weekend activities later, because today I am guest posting at Food and Other Things.

It’s sort of a Bar Method 101 type post. If you’re maybe thinking of giving Bar a try, I gave some honest answers about how long it took to see/feel results and stuff like that. So head on over and I will see you all right back here mañana!