So, as you may already know, healthy living bloggers do a lot of product reviews. But, I’m not really one of them. Until today.

Today I’m going to show you my gear.

Since I don’t really run that often, I’ve never invested in any cool gear. I don’t have the water bottle belt, nor a Garmin, nor the arm band nor fanny pack nor shorts-with-a-pocket to hold your phone while you run. But I really don’t like holding my phone when I’m doing fitnessy things of any nature, so, one day I decided to improvise.

And I made the Sock Pocket.



Take a sock that has lost its match, but you still keep in your drawer with the hope that the match will one day reappear.

Let go of that hope.

Cut the sock in half.

Fasten it to the inside of your pants with 2 safety pins.


Insert all the money you just saved.

sock pocket

Dolla dolla bill y’all*

And oh what’s that? You’re in the mood for it on the other hip now?

No problem. It’s elegant safety pin design allows for easy removal and rearranging on your person.

dollar bill 1

When you’re done taking selfies, insert your phone into the Sock Pocket, and proceed to run/ walk/ Bar Method/or just lay back down on the couch.

*Note: to make it less stripper-rific, stick a credit card in there instead**.

**Plus a credit card is just more practical since you never know what you’re going to need on the road- like fro yo, something from cvs, a taxi… in other words, something the old George Washington won’t cover.

How do you carry your phone and money when you run/exercise?

Are you crafty? (This is the extent of my craftiness)

Do you hang on to match-less socks too??

Does anyone else have the Hot Pockets theme in their head now?


Happy Monday, all!

How were your weekends?? Mine FLEW by. Like it started with a ‘yay it’s finally friday!’ then POOF! Sunday night. On Saturday Eric and I went to dinner at a restaurant called Oleana, and it was tremendous. We had quail, pig belly and a few other things because the portions are small, and it made my belly very happy. I also did something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time- I fiiinally bought new sneakers! Yay!

They are called the Saucony Kinvara 4. They are coral colored and I am obsessed. They are SO lightweight and so pretty and they make my feet so happy.

They look like this:

kinvara 4

And this what they look like on my feet:


And this is what they look like on the sidewalk:


And this is what they look like in Starbucks:


And this is how happy and snazzy I feel in them:


I literally feel like I’m running on clouds. It’s amazing. Did I mentioned I’m obsessed? Because I am ob-sessed. They’re my air force ones. They’re my pumped up kicks. Every night is sneakernight with these.

Are you noticing a theme?

Yes, I think in songs when I’m happy, and this week’s mixtape theme is: Cool Kicks!

Spotify: Cool Kicks Mixtape

  1. you belong with me- taylor swift
  2. air force ones- nelly
  3. thrift shop – macklemore
  4. my adidas- run dmc
  5. its still rock and roll to me- billy joel
  6. low- flo rida / t pain
  7. pumped up kicks- foster the people
  8. vans- the pack
  9. sneakernight- vanessa hudgens
  10. cooler than me- mike posner


What kind of running shoes do you have? What color are they?

How was your weekend?

What was the best workout you did this weekend?

Good day blogosphere! How is everyone today? Only one more day until the weekend! Yay!

So, most of you fitness bloggers out there are amazingly athletic. You guys can run far, you can run fast, you can do awesome things while lifting heavy things- and I am so in awe of all of you. You truly inspire me everyday.

However, for people just starting their fitness journey, it can be very intimidating. You’re probably wondering ‘What do I do? Where do I go? What’s the proper workout routine for me?’ And as a fitness blogger, I am here to tell you that if you are searching for the answers to these questions, well, you have come to the wrong blog. HOWEVER, if you want to know how to LOOK the part of an athletic person who knows what they’re doing, that, I can help you with :)

Do read on.

You know the expression, fake it ’til you make it? Well my dears, I’m a big proponent of that phrase. Sometimes feeling like you look the part is all it takes to give you enough confidence to actually BE the part. Trust me, as a person who has had their ups and downs with exercise, and has had to climb the proverbial gym class rope of humiliation on several occasions over the course of my fitness journey, I understand how intimidating it can be to join in with all the super fit kids. It doesn’t come naturally to me either. But with this list, you too will have the confidence to get out there with the athletes in no time.

So, without further ado today’s Great 8 list is:

8 Ways to Trick People into Thinking You’re Athletic

8. Wear sneakers in public. (Add a gym- appropriate outfit complete with spandex and/or drawstring to complete the look, and you’re good to go)

7. Stretch near a track like this:

And like this. It looks like you just finished something pretty epic, workout wise:

6. When you talk, use fitness jargon like “reps”, “quads” and the occasional “I think I pulled a hammy”. If you’re unsure of what the proper lexicon is, just think of the actual term of something, then shorten it. Also, talk in acronyms and use verbs you may have recently heard in a Pitbull song.

5. Carry a yoga mat as you walk around. Are you going to yoga? Coming from yoga? Just carrying it around for fun? Nobody knows! But you look athletic.

4.  I would say wear sweat bands, but hipsters kinda took those and made them their own thing, so instead I’m going with headbands. Whenever I see a person with their hair up and a headband, I assume they just had, or are about to have, a really intense workout and have no time for hair flying in their face.

3. Wear a garmin watch. This is what runners use to keep track of their time and distance. Not for amateurs or slow pokes.

2. Wear a tennis skirt. A tennis skirt is something that nobody in a million years would think you are wearing for fun. It’s too niche. Yoga pants? Sure, everybody wears those. But a tennis skirt? You MUST be athletic. Bonus points for carrying the racket too.

1. And finally, compression socks. Think about every person you have ever seen wearing these- isn’t your first impression always: ‘look out, bad ass athletic person coming through!’ Even if they’re walking, you’re still like, ‘wow I bet that guy just ran a marathon for fun, that involved a mountain, and now he’s just cooling off before doing it again.’ Yup. Compression socks.

Athletes- am I forgetting anything?

If you’re new to working out, what made you start?

Have you been athletic since childhood, or did you have to work at it as a teen/adult?


I’m resuming the regularly scheduled blog posting today because although my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the bombings, life must continue. Otherwise the bombers win. And that is not an option.

So, even though it has technically been spring for nearly a month, now that it is actually starting to feel like spring, I feel compelled to wish everyone a happy spring (again).

I have to be honest, it’s been a little hard to stay motivated morning after morning heading to Bar Method in 29 degree weather in April. However, I was just on the phone with my mother…

me and my mom!

me and my mom!

and she was talking about how she just bought herself some new vibrantly colored workout clothes for spring…


and suggested I do the same to help with my outlook.

I instantly realized she was RIGHT. As simple as it may sound, it’s a brilliant thing to do and I’ll tell you why in numerical format complete with comparison images after each point, all before tying it together with a big vibrant springy bow. Here we go:

First of all, wearing a pop of color can brighten your mood. It is especially helpful during inclimate weather/chilly springs as you’re trying to give your workout that extra oomph while it’s cold and rainy outside.

Example 1:

Bright colors:

med balls


Blah colors:


Second of all, EVERYBODY looks good in color. Put on a pretty coral colored tank or a light blue T and it will instantly bring color to your face. Feeling good about how you look is a huge motivator. I’m not talking about vanity or primping or putting on make up before a workout. No. I’m talking about how feeling great in your workout clothes will make you want to get out there and exercise like the athletic force of nature you are.

Example 2:

Bright colors:



Blah colors:


Thirdly and lastly, workout clothes wear out. They just do. The underarms get gross, the butt wears thin, the elastic- wherever it may be- loses its elasticity. Get some new workout clothes and get some bright ones, perhaps in a color that you don’t already have. You’ll feel like a brand new you! Maybe it will even inspire you to try a new type of exercise you’ve been curious about.

Example 3:

Bright colors:



Blah colors:


It’s not exactly science, but the basic principles are correct. Also I have to admit, most of my exercise clothes are black, white or green (I’m not sure why green, but yes green) so as I was writing this post I was simultaneously talking to myself as well as to you.

It’s just a great way to increase motivation and pull yourself out of that late winter/early spring funk. And you can all thank my mom for that kick in the behind. The newly inspired you will be conquering the gym/track/neighborhood in no time!


Ok well, it’s not a big vibrant springy bow, it’s Bill Murray. Which is better :)

Question for you- do you have a favorite workout outfit?