You know those days when it feels like everyone is plotting against you?


Of course I know that there’s not actually a plot against me, I do, I know that. But sometimes there are just so many coincidences that you have to at least wonder.

Yesterday was one of those days. Now, first you should know that I always get to Bar Method super early every morning because I like getting a very specific spot in the room. Its front row, closest spot to the door.

Now, there is a girl who always arrives super early too, and yesterday she got there before me and sat in my spot.


Fine. She was there first, she deserves it.

Get out of my chair.

I found another spot of course. It wasn’t a huge deal. However, the reason I like my spot by the door is because I need to make a quick exit at the end of class so I’m not late for work. At the end of class everyone has to put their mats and stretching straps back in their designated locations. If you’re toward the back of the room you tend to get held up in the line that develops, which is exactly where I found myself.

Anyways, I scrambled to get ready for work, and made up for the time I lost. However, as I was walking to work through the Common, there was a big landscaping truck driving down the main path. I first came upon it as I was walking down a perpendicular path, and we met at the intersection.

The driver waved at me to cross. Cool, thank you ma’am. But then she turned onto my path, started driving very closely behind me and every time I tried to wave her by to pass me, she would just wave back at me with a big smile.

troop bev hills

I suppose she couldn’t have gone around me because there was a lot of other foot traffic going in both directions on the path at that time, but I was doing that weird run/walk thing that you do when you feel like you’re in someone’s way, so I really just wanted her to go around me already to put me out of my awkward misery. You know the run/walk I’m referring to right- it’s a couple quick steps like a jog then a couple long strides like a fast walk.

Occasionally I’d think to myself, ‘this is ridiculous. She could pass if she wanted to’ so I’d slow down, but then I’d speed right back up again, because when a truck drives slowly behind you, you do the weird run/ walk thing. You just do. We kept this up for another quarter mile. At least.

Anyhoozle, once I arrived at work everything was fine for a few hours until I tried balancing my lunch, a couple bottles of water, some mail, a stapler and my phone as I walked out of the office kitchen- because heaven forbid I make two trips- and everything toppled over. Salad went everywhere. I guess that’s not the world plotting against me, that’s just my own poor decision making skills at play. But still. It stung.

I know, I’m complaining for no reason. These are not major issues.  And besides, she who gets shot in the back of the head with a squirt gun today, will come back tomorrow armed with an even bigger squirt gun.  Ancient proverb.


So, there is still quite a bit of  snow on the ground in Boston. One must often step over snow piles and slushy puddles in order to get where one is going. Usually, it’s not that big of a deal. However, the pizzazz that one woman used to get over a very minor pile of snow can’t go undocumented.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend Eric and I were walking back from brunch. We were crossing the street one way, while another perfectly normal looking couple in their mid twenties crossed perpendicular to us.


There was a tiny pile of snow on the curb. The guy walked over it without even having to adjust his gait, as did everybody ahead of him. Then the girl approached the very same small hurdle…

She very subtly paused like she was considering the best way to get past it. (This is what I imagine went through her brain in those few seconds: ‘Should I continue walking normally and simply step over it like everyone else? Nope, what other options do I have? Walk around it? Nah. I’m going over, and I’m going in style.’) At that moment, she wound up:


her hands flew into the air as she hurled herself skyward…


up, up, UP she reached as her head tilted backwards…


and as her legs went in opposite directions, she nearly kicked herself in the head with one of them…


and then she held that position as I swear she flew even HIGHER (but not nearly as graceful as the woman in the below photo might lead you to believe…)


Meanwhile, Eric and I both stood agape in the middle of the street as we watched this brief spectacle.

Unfortunately, she must have put all her momentum into the upward motion, and not enough into the forward motion because suddenly she dropped straight out of the sky like a bag of bricks.

Juuuust managing to narrowly miss the small pile of snow she was so enthusiastically trying to avoid.


Then with a flick of her hair she looked back at us with an expression that was all:  “nailed it”.

And then she started walking like a person who hadn’t just tried to cross the street like a wildebeest and casually caught up with her boyfriend.

Granted, it was the most absurd way to get over a pile of snow I’ve ever seen, but perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.  She obviously took a lesson out of the phoebe buffet handbook because she didn’t give two hoots what anybody thought of her. Perhaps if we all added a little extra energy and a lot more spunk to getting over our own personal hurdles – no matter how big or how small- the process of surmounting them would be a little more pleasant. Possibly even enjoyable.



Welcome to Mixtape Monday! Where every week Commitness to Fitness makes a brand spankin’ new workout themed playlist for your listening enjoyment.

In my opinion, having good music is 90% of the motivation battle. If the music is bad or overplayed, my workout is painful. Yet if there is no music at all, that, my friend, is my workout’s death sentence. In other words, whatever exercise I’m doing will literally come to a screeching halt if my electronic music device dies. If I have weights in my hands, I will put them down and promptly exit the gym. If I’m on a run, I will stop dead in my tracks and start walking home like Forrest Gump when he decided he didn’t feel like running anymore. The music is just that important, you know what I mean?

Today’s mixtape theme is: MOVE

move mixtape  

1.break my stride-matthew wilder

2. move like you stole it – zz ward

3. bust a move – young mc

4. i feel the earth move- carole king

5. movin out – billy joel

6. move that body -nelly

7. move this- technotronic

8. the way you move – outkast

9. moves like jagger- maroon 5

10. watch me move- fefe dobson

Spotify: Move Mixtape

It’s Foodstuff Friday!

Because we all deserve a little indulgence at the end of the week.


Today’s recipe is my all time favorite cocktail, The Aqueduct:



  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 0.75 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz white Curacao or triple sec
  • 0.5 oz apricot-flavored brandy
  • garnish: orange or lime twist


Simply combine ingredients in shaker and add ice. Shake shake shake.  Strain into chilled cocktail glass, add twist and enjoy.

Its divine.