(Alternate title: “What’s on my phone? Why I thought you’d never apps!”)

For those of you who read this blog consistently, you are probably aware that it is more of a fitness/lifestyle/ random musings about nothing in particular type o’ blog rather than a strictly fitness type.  I like to call it a fitness “fusion” blog, as it seems to work for restaurants who insist on combining two ingredients that have no business being on the same plate, and yet somehow turn out delicious.

So with that principle in mind, today we’re going to fuse fitness with technology, and you’re going to get a look at my apps.

I said apps, not ass.


Top 8 Apps on This Fitness Blogger’s Phone (besides text and email)

8. Candy Crush

Candy_Crush icon

Because all fitness and no candy does not a happy blogger make.

7. RunKeeper


Ha ha ha actually anyone who reads this blog also knows there is no real need for this one at the moment. But it keeps sending me notifications saying that “last week you thought this was a great time for a run”…  Stop trying to control my thoughts, RunKeeper.

6. Pandora


Not only do I need music if/when I run, I sometimes need it when I walk long distances like the 2 miles from my office to the good Pinkberry. And I also need to be up on the cool jams because my very cool sister is getting sick of me asking her “so, what are the cool jams?”

5. Maps

maps app

Because I am forever getting lost. And while I mean that in both the philosophical and physical senses of that phrase, Maps only helps with the latter. And like Joey from Friends, I enjoy the feature that lets you be in the map.

4. WordPress


Because once you have a blog, the blog actually has you.

3. Bloglovin’

bloglovin app

Because I care about whats going on in the lives of bloggers I have never met as much as my own family.

2. Starbucks

Starbucks app png

Because paying for my daily grande venti non-fat blonde misto with my phone makes me feel like I live in the future.

1. Bar Method

bar method app


Yup, Bar Method!


bar method app

I actually just discovered this on Saturday and it thrills me to no end. The fact I didn’t know about this sooner utterly blows my mind. I’ve just been opening and closing it just to look at it. Natalie– did you know about this??

What are your favorite apps?

Which ones do you use most often (besides text and email)?


Ok so, I first saw this survey on the blog of the amazing and indefatigable Work In Sweats Mama, herself, Nicole. And then I started seeing it everywhere!  So, I had to jump on the bandwagon.

It’s being hosted by Writing, Wishing and Miss Elaineous Life. So let’s get to it, shall we?

5 Things I’m Passionate About

1. Writing

2. Healthy living/Bar Method

3. Family


4. Laughing

5. Candy Crush (I wish I was kidding)


5 things I’d Like To Do Before I Die

Here’s where you learn a little about my inner crazy- (actually this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface)- I am very superstitious that if I fill this out and I die before I get to do the things on this list that I’ll be trapped in limbo like one of those ghosts with all their “unfinished business” that roam the earth scaring ghost hunters on the Travel Channel. So for that reason I’d rather not fill this out.



5 Things I Say A Lot

1. “Grande non-fat blonde misto please”

2. “Is this funny or inappropriate?”

3. “Sorry I can’t stop laughing” – usually at the inappropriate stuff nobody else finds funny

4. “Remind me to tell you something later”

5. “Umm good question… I’ll have to ask my mom”


5 Books I’ve Read Lately

1. The Fran Lebowitz Reader -Fran Lebowitz

fran leboitz reader

2. Forever Erma – Erma Bombeck

3. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

4. HTML & CSS- Jon Duckett

5. Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland -Amanda Mackenzie Stewart


5 Favorite Movies

1. Tommy Boy

Also from Tommy Boy

2. Bridesmaids


3. Clueless

clueless gum

4. Troop Beverly Hills

troop bev hills

5. Under The Tuscan Sun



5 Places I’d Love To Travel To

1. Napa

2. India

3. Bora Bora

4. Australia (2013’s worlds happiest country)

5. Kenya on safari

Pick a category and tell me about you! Or what I’d really like to know is what are you reading lately? I have a couple books in the queue, but I need more! Also fill this out yourself- take the logo image and link up!

Happy Thursday!

Man alive I’m happy it’s almost the weekend. I have spent this week with my nose glued to my iphone. Nope, not because I’m that popular. Nope, not because I’ve been sending scandalous photos to people on Snapchat. It’s because I have been playing Candy Crush Saga.

Candy_Crush icon

I didn’t even know this game existed until last weekend when Eric mentioned it’s sweeping the world and officially more popular than Angry Birds.

And I didn’t even download it until the lovely Amanda mentioned it in her post on Monday and I was like “huh, let’s see what all the fuss is about. It can’t possibly be as addicting as Angry Birds.”




You guys.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, download it. Give it a whirl. Warning: Crack is less addicting.

I would make this intro longer, but I’m candy crushing it at the moment, and I don’t want to lose my groove.

Top 8 Signs You’re Already Addicted to Candy Crush

8. When you close your eyes you see falling candy on the back of your eyelids.

candy crush 29

7. You only pay attention to people in 25 minute increments while you wait for more lives.


6. The Destiny’s Child lyric “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” has an entirely new meaning.

candy crush jelly

5. You rearranged your iphone apps so that all the colors line up.


4. You try to get everyone you know to play it so they understand what you’re talking about.

candy crush ecard

3. This photo makes you really happy:

candy crush real

2. Whether you considered yourself religious or not before you met this game, you are now:

candy crush please


candy crush


So, do you play Candy Crush?

What’s your favorite app game be it video game, card game, word game, or other?