Are you an introverted exerciser or an extroverted exerciser?

We all know what introverts and extroverts are like, right?

Extroverts are like:


And introverts are like:

Introvert-vs-Extrovert (1)

And then there’s me who’s like:

like a cat

But does that affect the way we exercise? I think yes!

If you’re an introvert it means you get your strength and energy from alone time, while extroverts get their strength and energy from people time. And since strength and energy are a huge part of exercising, it only seems natural that one would have an affect on the other.

This is a 2-part psychology series, the first being the introverted list, while next week, it’s the extroverted list.

Get psyched, psych fans.

Top 8 Signs You’re an Introverted Exerciser

8. Your general theory on gyms is that they are for exercising your muscles, not your mouth.

7. If someone spots you awkwardly using a weight machine, and they take it upon themselves to give you friendly pointers, you take it upon yourself to call security.

6. Even though you attend exercise classes, the most interaction anyone has ever gotten out of you is an “oh sorry” after you accidentally hit them with your mat.

5. Any big organized group exercise activity for adults that has the general tagline of “Come join! Get fit! Make friends!” makes you sleepy.

4. Your ideal tennis partner is yourself.

3. When a group of your friends are getting together to do some form of exercise, you decline by claiming you “have other plans,” and then you secretly do a workout on your own.

2. When someone asks if you want to start running together you panic and tell them you just quit running.

1. Most people work out as a way to de-stress and bond with people after a day of work, while you work out as a way to de-stress after a day of being around people.


Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Does it affect the way you work out?

Warning: This post is heavy on opinions, light on actual facts. Proceed.

So, while reading my favorite online news source yesterday, The Daily Mail, there was an article on how one woman beat her long-term depression with Zumba.

I. Love. This. Article.

We health and wellness bloggers talk a lot about intuitive eating and the like, but what about ‘intuitive being’? (I made that up, don’t google it, it’s not a thing. I’ll explain.)

I speak from experience when I say we all go through our ups and downs. Sometimes for longer periods of time than normal and sometimes those lows are lower than they should be. But why? Are our bodies and brains trying to tell us that something is inherently wrong with our lives, and that we need to take action, similar to how we get light-headed, cranky and stomach aches when we’re really hungry and need to eat?

Personally, I think so.

But the answer most doctors will give you is a pill. And if that pill doesn’t work, hey here’s another pill that will help that pill, however now you’re going to need another pill to combat some of the side effects of that pill, including but not limited to, depression. Sooo, here are 2 more pills, 1 pill to take care of the side affects of the 3rd pill and one to take care of the other side effects that result from combining those 4 pills. And wait before you go, here, take one more pill for good luck.

thats enough big pharma

Now, for the record I am NOT anti-pharmaceuticals in any way. In many cases, chemical imbalances should be treated chemically. BUT exercise is a great way to combat that sinking feeling for 2 big reasons:

1. Exercise builds strength and confidence. When you accomplish physical goals, it gives you a sense of control over your life. That new found control gives you the confidence you need to fix all the other parts of your life that need fixing.

And 2. Exercise releases endorphins and pumps the brain full of those feel good chemicals pills try to synthetically recreate.

Unfortunately, when we start to feel down in the dumps what’s the first thing that we tend to drop from our schedules? Yep, our workouts. Let’s try not to do that.

The moral of the story: Find an exercise you love to do and do it often. If you’re struggling with depression, it’s going to be a battle, uncomfortable and not all pleasant no matter what you do. But I think working to overcome it is better in the long run than numbing it. As they say in The Princess Bride: “Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

Have you ever been through an especially low period? (Several)

How do you feel about anti-depressants?

How do you pull yourself up when you’re down?

I’d just like to say for the record that you all are AMAZING. I laughed so hard reading the comments yesterday.

Next topic: Math is hard you guys. I’m about to illustrate why algebra I and algebra II were my worst subjects in high school:

Equation #1

Solve for X:

Blogging + Time = X

My answer: X = bag o’ money!


Correct answer: X = This.

Woman sleepign on computer keyboard


Equation #2:

Solve for Y:

Being Hydrated x Being Well Rested x Y = Running Multiple Miles At Once

My answer: Y = A cute outfit!


Correct answer: Y = Being in shape.


Equation #3:

Solve for X:

Flax Seeds + Protein Powder + Greek Yogurt + (Kale)squared x (Ice)cubed = X

My answer: Gross?

Correct answer: X = Delicious protein smoothie!



Like I said, math is hard.

I was actually a wiz at geometry, but algebra stumped me like a foreign exchange student listening to people converse in local colloquialisms- there was always an unknown piece of the sentence and I was constantly making awkward guesses.

What is/was your best subject in school? Worst?

Are you algebra-brained or geometry-brained?

What’s that you say? No time to work out? No problem! Here are two ways to get your sweat on from the comfort of your home, without even trying! None of that bulky equipment necessary.

no equipment

No dvds needed!

no dvds


And you guys can finally quit using your, well, this:


Although I can’t claim the following exercises are scientifically proven, I have tested both of them personally, and I can tell you they really get the heart rate up.

The first tip comes from years of growing up with parents who set the answering machine on the home phone line to pick up after a total of three rings in a 3-story house.

TIP #1: Get The Phone

Step 1: Pretend you still live in 1996. If you don’t have a home phone line, get one. And insist that people call you on that instead of your cell phone.

Step 2: Set the answering machine on your home phone line to pick up after 3 rings. Three little measly rings. Make sure the only wall-mounted phone with a cord attached is in the kitchen and that none of your cordless phones are ever charged properly.

Step 3: When the phone rings, jump into action like you’re a firefighter and the alarm just went off at the firehouse. Drop whatever you’re doing, leap up and sprint through the house to the kitchen, because otherwise there is no way you’re getting that call. Is that a couch in your way? No time to go around it. Vault yourself over it. If you lose your footing on the dismount, just drop and roll, but remember to tuck your neck. (safety first!) If you’re completely out of breath and wheezing by the time you say ‘hello,’ that just means you’re doing it right.

ferris bueller cameron

The second tip comes from a lifetime of being completely and utterly forgetful.

TIP #2: Lose Your Mind

Step 1:  Make sure all your important things that you might need during the day such as your wallet, keys, purse, etc are on the top floor of wherever you live.

Step 2: Proceed to exit the house/ apartment/ 5th floor walk-up and forget them all.

Step 3: Go back up the stairs to retrieve them and try leaving the house again. Half-way down the stairs, remember something else you forgot. Turn around and go back up. Try leaving again, and this time get as far as your car. Oh no, did you forget the keys? Perfect, this is where the workout really gets good because now you’re late for work and starting to sweat.

Now RUN back up the stairs, and start quickly lifting heavy things that your keys could possibly be hiding under or behind. Drop to the floor like you’re planking to look for them under the couch. No dice. Spring back up like you’re doing a burpee, then drop down again because you think you see something sparkly. Nope, just some spilled glitter (because of course). Run in panicked circles until you hear your keys jingling in your pocket. Sprint down the stairs and out of your house and don’t stop until you reach the car.

You sweaty yet?


So there you go, all of the fitness sense with none of the common sense.

What’s your favorite workout that isn’t technically a workout?