Happy Thursday!

Man alive I’m happy it’s almost the weekend. I have spent this week with my nose glued to my iphone. Nope, not because I’m that popular. Nope, not because I’ve been sending scandalous photos to people on Snapchat. It’s because I have been playing Candy Crush Saga.

Candy_Crush icon

I didn’t even know this game existed until last weekend when Eric mentioned it’s sweeping the world and officially more popular than Angry Birds.

And I didn’t even download it until the lovely Amanda mentioned it in her post on Monday and I was like “huh, let’s see what all the fuss is about. It can’t possibly be as addicting as Angry Birds.”




You guys.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, download it. Give it a whirl. Warning: Crack is less addicting.

I would make this intro longer, but I’m candy crushing it at the moment, and I don’t want to lose my groove.

Top 8 Signs You’re Already Addicted to Candy Crush

8. When you close your eyes you see falling candy on the back of your eyelids.

candy crush 29

7. You only pay attention to people in 25 minute increments while you wait for more lives.


6. The Destiny’s Child lyric “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” has an entirely new meaning.

candy crush jelly

5. You rearranged your iphone apps so that all the colors line up.


4. You try to get everyone you know to play it so they understand what you’re talking about.

candy crush ecard

3. This photo makes you really happy:

candy crush real

2. Whether you considered yourself religious or not before you met this game, you are now:

candy crush please


candy crush


So, do you play Candy Crush?

What’s your favorite app game be it video game, card game, word game, or other?


It’s Thursday! Are you psyched? I’m psyched. And I’m going to celebrate with cake. Lots and lots of cake :)


Because my leftover birthday cake is in my fridge, but it should be in my belly.

Anyways, it’s Great 8 List time! Which is kinda like Peanut Butter Jelly Time, but without the baseball bat.

Today’s Great 8 List is one that I think we are all guilty of from time to time: EXCUSES. “Excuses are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink. ” – someone brilliant.

However, I’ve used them all at one point or another to get out of a workout. Remember high school gym class??


I must have told my gym teachers every single excuse in the book, and some that were too ridiculous to even put in the book.

For example, remember the swimming unit?? (Or were you lucky enough to attend a high school without a pool?) Well, I hated the swim unit with a strong passion and would claim that I had my period for the duration of all 6 weeks that unit lasted. I therefore never had to get into the water with all those crazy boys in my class who would splash around and act like water hooligans. I also did everything in my power to avoid the volleyball unit (at 5’0, there’s not much to like about this sport) and I would forge notes from my mother saying that I did not have to participate due to my being allergic to humiliation.

I would also claim that I forgot my gym clothes at home, but that one could backfire because sometimes my gym teacher would hand me something from the locker room’s lost & found bin.


Anyways, just because I’ve outgrown high school gym class doesn’t mean I’ve outgrown excuses. On the contrary! I’ve just gotten better at them.

Top 8 Ways to Sabotage Your Workout Plan 

Excuse #8: “I didn’t go to the gym on Monday, so there’s really no point in going now that it’s mid-week… I might as well just wait until next Monday.”

Excuse #7: “It’s too rainy/ hot/ cold/ windy/ humid outside.”

Excuse #6: “I feel fat, I think it’s best to just stay home and eat today.”

cake today

Excuse #5: Logically and persuasively talk yourself out of it.

Excuse #4: “I’m out of socks, I can’t be expected to be active without socks.” (If Tabitha Parker-Broderick can rock one sock everywhere, so can you)

Sarah Jessica Parker Walks Her Daughters To School


The Broderick Twins Walk Home From School

Excuse #3. “I dont feel like leaving my house.”


Excuse #2: “I dont feel like leaving my bed.”


Excuse #1: “I’ll go tomorrow.”



The end.

I find that going to Bar Method first thing in the morning works best for me because I just get up and go. I’m too sleepy to come up with excuses at 5:30am. And I can’t oversleep because they charge you $15 for not showing up. I’m too miserly to throw 15 whole US Dollars out the window for a few more minutes of shut eye.

Are you prone to making up excuses to get out of exercise?

How do you combat that?

Did you ever forge notes to get out of gym class?


Welcome back to the Great 8 List, all!

Why 8 you ask? Well, in addition to rhyming so well with the word “great” (thus providing a catchy title for my countdown) the number 8 is also my lucky number. (The number 2 is my other lucky number, but two items does not a countdown make).

Also, studies prove that absolutely everybody is a little more ADD today than they were yesterday, and a little less ADD than they will be tomorrow. So a Great 8 List has all the benefits of a Top 10, without those last two things that nobody has time for anyways.


So, last week I seemed to be on a 90’s nostalgia runaway train and apparently I still haven’t quite managed to disembark. However, instead of ignoring it like I should probably do, I’m just going to roll with it. Sound good? Alright, let’s keep on rolling.

I was so psyched to see Chelsea’s post last week on movies you must re-watch from the 90s (awesome list) and it got me thinking about the stack of VHS tapes we had in our den when I was little, and also the the stack of DVDs that sat next to the stack of VHS’s… Because, young grasshoppers, back in the old days you had a VCR that sat elegantly atop your DVD player like so:

Sharp VC-A593 VCR

OR if you were fancy you had a DVD/ VCR combo that looked something like this:

vcr dvd

Anyhoozle, as I thought about the movies in those stacks I remembered just how many awesome sports themed movies there were. Not to sound like a 90’s snob, but I think that might have been the heyday for such flicks. I’ll agree that She’s the Man* is a classic, but were there any other ones of note from the aughts? (*so sad/weird about whats going on with Amanda Bynes nowadays.)

So without further ado, I present the 8 Greatest Sports Movies From Your Youth:

8. A League of Their Own


Even though this one didn’t have a kid in the starring role, I still loved it when I was young. And if this was a list about sports movies I love now, this one would be way closer to numero uno. Favorite quote: “There’s no crying in baseball.” Oh! and- “If it was easy everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great”.

7. The Sandlot


With this adorable group of misfits you KNOW you’re in for a good movie. Remember the huge dog??

6. Angels in the Outfield


All I had to do was look at the Google image search of all the baseball players flapping their arms in the dugout a.k.a the sign that angels are with them, and I started getting teary eyed- this is a great move. And look it’s a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

5. The Mighty Ducks


“Goldberg!” Haha remember the crazy goalie? And who doesn’t like to be reminded where Joshua Jackson got his start?

4. Cool Runnings

Caption: Cool Runnings.Copyright: Disney.

The story of the Jamaican bobsled team coached by none other than the magnificent and eternally hilarious John Candy. I have so much love for this movie.

3. Ladybugs

ladybugs 2

I think I’ve already said everything there is to say about this movie. Please and thank you.

2. The Cutting Edge


If you haven’t seen this movie, rent it. It’s soo good. It’s a love story and a sports story and ahh it’s just so good.

Aaand finally 1. Rookie of the Year


Best 90s sports movie. ‘Nuff said.


Did I forget any good ones??

Do you agree/ disagree with the order?

What’s your favorite 90s movie? (doesn’t have to be a sports theme)