It’s Monday, boys and girls. Which, as regular readers know, means it’s mixtape day!

AND as a cool twist this week, I’m taking part in Heather @ Fit Mama Real Food‘s Make It Monday link up. This is it’s inaugural week and I’m so psyched to be part of it! Heather does really cool crafts and DIY projects around her house and garden, and thought other bloggers might want to share the things that they made over the weekend too. And well, she hit the nail on the head as far as this blogger is concerned. Since I already make mixtapes every Monday, I thought it sounded like a perfect fit!


So thanks for hosting Heather! I love this idea! (ps- her MIM post is going up this afternoon)

So how were your weekends? I hope all you moms out there got pampered and appreciated like you deserve :)

My weekend was good. I didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom because she lives a couple states away, but she’s coming to visit me in a couple weeks and I can’t wait! What I did do this weekend was errands.

Lots and lots of errands. I did not make it to Bar Method on Saturday morning like I planned, but that’s okay because errands can be a workout in themselves- especially when you don’t have a car- and especially when you insist on going to the CVS/grocery store located a mile from your apartment (because they’re the best) and for some ridiculous reason also insist on buying the heaviest items they have in stock.

I then planned to go for a run on Saturday afternoon after all the errands and all the cleaning of my apartment with all the aforementioned CVS supplies, but I got distracted. Distracted by what, you wonder? By my personal time-blackhole, aka that thing that you always manage to get sucked into and can’t pull yourself out of for hours. Everybody has one. (At least one.) For me that blackhole is not facebook, nor pinterest, nor reddit, nor video games (I don’t even know what the cool ones are called) but no it’s none of those, for me it’s ABC Family.

Anyone else? Anyone at all?

That channel plays some great movies. And it just so happened they were playing a Harry Potter marathon all afternoon.

So, no, I did not get out for a run. I watched Harry Potters 4 through 6. (Well, I caught the very end of 4, and I turned it off about 10 minutes into 6 because enough is enough, but still. And it was kinda rainy at that point. I just thought you all should know that too.)

On Sunday I went to Bar Method and I did more errands, thus, more strength training. I’m sorry, Carrie Bradshaw, but shopping is not cardio, it’s anaerobic.

Anyways, ever since my afternoon o’ Harry Potter, I’ve had the song “do you believe in magic” in my head (for no particular reason, I just started humming it as I was watching) so I decided to make this week’s mixtape theme: MAGIC.

Spotify: Magic Mixtape

  1. magic – b.o.b feat rivers cuomo
  2. do you believe in magic – aly & aj
  3. every little thing she does is magic- the police
  4. abracadabra- jessie J
  5. magic stick – lil kim
  6. moves like magic – adam trent
  7. magic carpet ride- steppenwolf
  8. i follow rivers – the magician remix – lykke li
  9. magic – pilot
  10. poof! – merryman
  11. bonus track: pinball wizard- the who


How were your weekends??

What’s your time-blackhole?

What magic power do you wish you had? (I would want to read minds)



It’s Monday! (Yay?) Yay!

Hope you had fantastic weekends! What did you do? My weekend was pretty darn great. On Saturday Eric and I went to a restaurant in Cambridge called Craigie on Main which is known for, well, pretty much everything that comes out of their kitchen, but especially their burgers.

There’s actually a youtube of how these burgers are made in-house and the chef includes bone marrow and other hearty parts of the cow, and ahh they’re just so good. We both ordered fried eggs on top, which is normally my favorite thing to put on a burger, but in this case it may have been too rich. Yeah. This burger was that rich.

They only make a limited number of the burgers per night and we arrived somewhat late on Saturday night so we were terrified a little nervous they would run out by the time we sat down. Turns out we got the last two.

high five

However, we were both STARVING when we got to the restaurant because it was about 9pm and we had had lunch at about 11:30. So before we even chowed down on the most decadent burgers ever, we had an appetizer of pig’s tails. Yup. Pig’s tails. (Don’t google it because it will just make you sad looking at all the adorable curly tails on pigs)

But I have to say their tails are DELICIOUS. In fact, I’d like to just state for the record that I have officially found my new favorite thing. This was my first time having this part of the pig and it’s seriously out of this world good. If you ever see them on a menu, get them. They’re my new favorite pork product beating both bacon and sausage, previously my number 2 and number 1 favorite pork products, respectively.


Eric still says bacon is his number 1, but for me, it will now and forever be pig’s tails.

So, as you can tell, food was a pretty exciting part of the weekend. As I’m writing this post it’s nearly 6pm on Sunday, and I’m starving again. Starving for sweets, that is. Do you ever get a massive sweet craving after a day or two of salty foods?

It’s probably because I’m thirsty, but still.

Another example of things I do out of hunger, besides order things like pig’s tails on menus, is make playlists called FOOD that I then publish on the internet. Actually the original title was FOOD and then the second title was SUGAR but I have since changed it to Seis de Mayo because I’m cultural like that.

So, in honor of all the overindulgent deliciousness this past weekend and the craving for sweet foods that all the salty foods have left me with, this week’s mixtape is all about sweets and called: Seis de Mayo!

Spotify: Seis de Mayo Mixtape

  1. lolli lolli (pop that body)- three 6 mafia
  2. cherry pie- warrant
  3. pour some sugar on me- def leppard
  4. milkshake- kelis
  5. sugar, sugar – the archies
  6. i want candy- bow wow wow
  7. laffy taffy- d4l
  8. lollipop- lil wayne
  9. hollaback girl (this sh*t is bananas) – gwen stefani
  10. coconut- harry nilsson


What did you do this weekend? Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? (I have to admit, after all the talk on Friday’s post, there was no guacamole for me and Eric on Sunday. We had a Sol- because our neighborhood bar doesn’t carry Corona- and then went to hang out in the park because the weather was so nice)

What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?

What do you usually crave-  salty foods or sweets??






Happy Monday! Hope you all had great weekends! What did you do? I can’t believe it’s Monday already, my weekend flew by.

So, on Saturday I went to an 8am Bar Method class and afterwards I ran a mile to my gym, ran for another 35 minutes on the treadmill and hobbled ran another mile home.

Needless to say, by lunchtime I was STARVING. My boyfriend Eric- who I usually hang out with all weekend- had to do some work for a couple hours, so I was left to my own devices for lunch. I ended up making a turkey and swiss sandwich with sprouts and honey mustard on an everything bagel. So good.

Just when I was thinking lunch just doesn’t get any better than a turkey/swiss bagel, I turned on the TV and Clueless was on Comedy Central.


clueless gum

Best movie ever.

I was so utterly psyched with this fitness-lunch-movie trifecta that I found myself at a rare loss for words. And that, my friends, is the story behind why this week’s theme is: Say What??

In other words, songs with gibberish, la la la’s, and made up words in the lyrics.

Spotify: Say What?? Mixtape

  1. waka waka – shakira
  2. black betty- ram jam
  3. crocodile rock – elton john
  4. shoop – salt n pepa
  5. louie louie – the kingsmen
  6. dragostea din tei (numa numa song) – ozone
  7. obla di obla da – the beatles
  8. mm bop – hanson
  9. do wah diddy diddy – manfred mann
  10. brown eyed girl – van morrison

(I actually thought of enough songs for nearly two mixtapes, so there will have to be a Say What Part 2 at some point in the future.)


This is what I looked like as I chair-danced while I ate my sandwich, watched Clueless, and made this playlist.

Actually, the fact that I was chair dancing and not actually dancing on my feet speaks to how tired I was after my morning o’fitness. I normally dance around the room as I make these mixes. It’s how I test for quality. If a song comes on that makes me want to stop dancing, it gets the boot.

not in my house

How was your weekend??

Did you have any good workouts?

Do you ever chair dance? Perhaps in the car, at work, while having lunch, other??


Welcome back to Mixtape Monday/ Boston Lockdown as Experienced by One Neurotic Blogger…

mixtape monday gty_boston_search_tank_2_nt_130419_wblog

Zomg you guys. Ok, so, last weekend started on Friday when the FBI and Boston Police put the entire city of Boston and the surrounding areas on lockdown. Yeah, LOCKDOWN. It’s this crazy thing where all residents are strongly urged not to leave their homes.

And by strongly urged, I mean it’s pretty much forbidden. One guy on a bike learned that the hard way when he was surrounded by 6 guys with machine guns who took his bike to probe for explosives and left him shaking on the ground once they realized he was just some guy.


If you ever find yourself on lockdown, and you are anything like me, here is what you can expect:

At 5:15am wake up to a text from your mother telling you your life is in immediate danger and to turn on the news. Still sleepy? Good, you’re going to need your wits about you as you watch the news all day.

Find out the entire city of Boston is cancelled while hundreds of trained professionals continue their hunt for an armed and dangerous madman who is probably hiding in or around your house/apartment. Just sit tight.Your morning Bar Method class was called off, as was work, so proceed to watch the news. Without blinking. For 4 hours straight. Convince yourself the suspect is probably hiding in your apartment building stairwell. Continually get up to make sure your door is locked.

Talk to everyone you know about where you’d be hiding if you were on the run. Did you know that all your friends and family are experts in fugitive hiding spots? Turns out they are.  Yell to the FBI operatives on your TV screen to double check manholes, empty subway tunnels, suspicious looking pizza delivery boys and of course, your apartment building stairwell.

Take a break from the news and initiate Lockdown Workout aka Peanut Butter Fingers’ No Nonsense Circuit 

no nonsense circuit

Now, don’t worry about ruining your diet because you haven’t gone grocery shopping this week and have nothing left in your kitchen but blueberries and a couple slices of bread. Drink some of that flat ginger ale in the back of your fridge to refuel.

Antsy yet? Are you thinking a walk around the block won’t kill you? Turn up the news and let them terrify you into thinking it will. Pull dresser in front of the door.

At 4:15, decide that it’s wine time. Lockdown drinking game- drink every time someone on the news says Chechnya. (But only drink a sip lest you run out of alcohol too quickly.)

While you wait for your boyfriend to get home, because he was one of the maniacs who defied orders and went to work, make a mixtape to put on your blog on Monday. Name it: Boston Strong Lockdown Mixtape.

Spotify: Boston Strong Lockdown Mixtape

  1. love lockdown – kanye
  2. cops and robbers – the hoosiers
  3. i fought the law (and the law won) – bobby fuller four
  4. bad boys- inner circle
  5. one way or another- blondie
  6. police on my back- the clash
  7. authority song- john mellencamp
  8. born in the usa- bruce springsteen
  9. renegade- styx
  10. sweet caroline- neil diamond

At 6pm breathe a sigh of relief when the “shelter in place” order is lifted. Although they haven’t caught the guy yet, run out of your apartment with reckless abandon because you miss the outdoors and because you are starving. Go to dinner with your boyfriend at one of the only open restaurants in Boston. Proceed to stand in line for about an hour and a half.

Seeing as how you and about 200 other Bostonians just managed to congregate- which you all pledged not to do upon the terms of your release- check your phone every 45 seconds for updates on the manhunt.


Eat an all-American cheeseburger and drink a Boston-based Sam Adams Seasonal beer to celebrate. Go home and sleep easy for the first time in nearly a week.



Thanks to the effort of all the brave men and women who risked their lives to track down this villain, no civilian was injured during his capture and Boston was pretty much restored to normal by Saturday.

The rest of the weekend was spent going to the gym, visiting the makeshift memorial on Boylston Street, dining out and all that good stuff.

How did your weekend turn out? What is your favorite celebration meal??