So earlier this week I wrote about my conversation with my mom and how she said her pants were so loose they were practically falling off and I one-upped her by saying mine actually did fall off. Obviously, we both have a flair for the dramatic. However, suddenly I started thinking about all the possible scenarios in which it’s socially acceptable to de-pant in public.

And then I wrote these scenarios down in a draft thinking I would never publish it. And then I decided to Top 8-ify it. And then I decided to publish it because that’s what happens when you have a blog. Things that should probably stay in your head end up on the internet.

So here you go- the list you never knew you wanted:

Top 8 Scenarios It’s Socially Acceptable For Your Pants to Fall Down in Public

8. You’re under the age of 3. There’s only like a few inches between your waist and your knees anyways, so there’s really nowhere for them to go. Plus, faux pas are still perfectly acceptable for those whose age can still be counted in months.

7. Your diet is going swimmingly. Good for you. Buy a belt.

6. You play sports and you wear those pants that snap up on the sides that you rip off when it’s your turn to take the field.

5. You’re a stripper and you wear those pants that snap up on the sides that you rip off when it’s your turn to take the stage.

4. You’re wearing a dress, but live somewhere cold, like oh I dunno Boston for example, where its negative fug-teen degrees when you walk to work in the morning, and so you wear pants under your dress for the commute and take them off when you get to your desk.

3. You’re wearing snow pants. When you take them off, there’s strategically another pair of pants called leggings underneath.

2. You’re Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg and it’s 1992.

1. You’re one of those people who considers a locker room a no-pants zone, and you just entered a locker room. Before anyone even has time to avert their eyes, your pants are off, and you’re just walking around all pant-less and junk. Socially acceptable yes, socially advisable, no.


Do you know those locker room people I’m talking about? Are you one of them?

When was the last time you found yourself pant-less in public?

Does anyone else live in a really cold climate and wear an extra layer of pants to get to work?

Whats your favorite Halloween candy??

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!!

So, when you have a blog, it’s essentially your full time job. Or your other full time job if you already have a full time job. Nobody really tells you that before you get into it. I remember having this exact thought the day I set mine up:

“Hey I should have 2 blogs! Why doesn’t anybody have 2 blogs? I want 2 blogs!”

A couple days later I was like “Ohhh that’s why nobody has 2 blogs. Right…”

One blog is a lot of work. And you’re suddenly not just you anymore, you’re you-with-a-blog. Everything in your life is now potential blog fodder.

i need to update my blog someecards

Here are the Top 8 Conversations Healthy Living Bloggers Have IRL:

8. Re: Socializing

Non-blogger: “Want to meet up for drinks?”

You: “Can’t tonight, I’m behind in my comments.”


7. Re: Comedy

You: “Wait!”

Non-blogger: “What?”

You: “Do that again! I need a pic for my blog.”


6. Re: Food

You: “Wait!”

Non-blogger: “What now?”

You: “Don’t eat that! I need a pic for my blog.”


5. Re: Relations

You: “So my friend was talking about this gluten free pumpkin bread she made and-”

Non-blogger: “Which friend?”

You: “Oh, I mean my blog friend.”

Non-blogger: “Sorry who? Does she live in Boston? You only know her from blogging?”

You: “Yes, I mean no, I mean-”

Non-blogger: “So you’ve never actually met her?”

You: “Right, and-”

Non-blogger: “Can you really consider her a “friend”?”

You: “Yes, and right now I like her more than you, let me finish my story.”


4. Re: Shameless Self-Promotion

blog gchat 1


3. Re: Current Events

Non-blogger: “So what do you think about the crisis in Syria?

You: “What crisis in cereal? Has there been a recall?”


2. Re: The New More Caffenated Normal

Non-blogger: “Remember life before your blog?”

You: “Haha I’m sorry I have no recollection of this era of which you speak. Want to come to Starbucks with me?”


1. Re: Problem Solving

Your inner monologue: “Hmm… What can I add to this recipe to make it better? Hmm… Pumpkin?… Protein powder?… Nut butter??… Oh wait hold the phone… Answer: all of the above. Yes. Muahaha yes. Proceed, self, proceed.”


How has your life changed since starting your blog?

How do you manage a good work-life-blog balance?


Ok, so, I’ve talked a bit on the subject before, but summer is really not my season. I don’t do well in suffocating humidity, I’m not a strong swimmer, the list goes on. Usually when people get all bummed this time of year because summer is ending, I don’t want to seem like some sort of summer-hater, so I go along with the conversation, nodding politely as they verbally mourn the final days of the season… but on the inside I’m actually, ridiculously, thrilled.

its too hot 1

And I have a theory that there are more out there just like me, who have been silenced by all the summer-lovers. So to all you fall-preferers, this list is for you.

Top 8 Reasons I’m Jazzed Summer Is Over

8. Fall clothing! More specifically, long pants and layers. Personally, I look better in more clothes than less. As does 98% of the general population, in my humble opinion.

7. Pumpkin flavored things everything! Oh, what’s that you got there… Pancakes? Coffee? Spaghetti? Ice cream? For the next 6-8 weeks it’s going to be pum-cakes, pumpkinffee, spumpkin-ghetti and pumpkin ice cream, respectively.

6. I have an excuse to do nothing! Quick confession: sometimes I absolutely love doing nothing. Do you know how hard that is in the summer when everyone’s all: “but the weather is perfect, we can’t just waste perfect days like this indoors doing nothing”. We can in fall though!

5. Pretty boots! (Sarah knows what I’m talking about)

4. Equality! So, I currently make my way to an office every day for work. Which is cool all year round except in the summertime when all the students and teachers and Europeans get like 3 months off and I feel like everybody is having fun without me. In the fall though, everybody has to get back to work, and I once again feel that all is fair in the world muahaha :)

3. It gets dark earlier! I love going to bed early and it’s just impossible in the summer. Trying to fall asleep when it’s still light outside is like trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. It’s not going to happen.

stop trying to make fetch happen

2. FALL TV- Scandal returns!! Get psyched Olivia Pope fans!

1. No more sweating like a beast while I’m standing still.

So, who’s with me?

What’s your favorite part about fall?

Do you watch Scandal? What show are you excited about?

So last week we covered the Top 8 Signs You’re an Introverted Exerciser. Today we’re going to continue our psychology series and cover the other, more social personality type, the extroverted exerciser.

And just to review what we mean by extrovert vs introvert, we have us a picture chart:


Top 8 Signs You’re an Extroverted Exerciser

8. Talking to someone while you run is a must. If your running buddy flakes out, you’ve been known to make calls to friends from your run. These friends no longer find it weird when you say “hello!” completely out of breath and then launch into a story between gasps for air.

7. The girl on the elliptical next to you knows all about that insensitive comment your boyfriend said right before you left for the gym, which you now feel much better about, after having talked it out.

6. In a group exercise environment, you somehow manage to make conversation with everyone and nobody in particular at the same time.

5. The thought of working out alone in your basement makes you sleepy.

4. Your daily workout, aka your “me-time,” usually involves one or two other people.

3. If you do a workout and nobody is there to react to it on Twitter, Facebook, the blogosphere or Instagram, did it really happen? You’re not sure…

2. Your idea of quiet, introspective meditation is talking to someone in a whisper.

1. The line between working out and socializing is- wait, what line? There is no line.

So which are you, introverted? Extroverted? A little of both?

Are you one way in real life and a different way when it comes to exercising?

Where do you pull your energy from? From within? From outside factors?